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Paul has accomplished many things, and now, he shows us how to do the same. He has found the right mix of being inspirational, motivational, and practical. As you read, you'll want to pause and walk out the small steps he encourages you to do. This won't just be a book to read, but a journey to take.

—  Peter Pinon, Co-founder of

This won't just be a book to read, but a journey to take.

—  Peter Pinon, Co-founder of


We all have goals. No matter how busy we get goals are a part of our lives. From the aspiring entrepreneur to stay at home moms trying to balance multiple responsibilities, your goals are a picture of the kind of future you want for yourself, and your loved ones. I’ll tell you now that wanting more from your life is an awesome quality to have. Whether your goal is…

  • Starting That Business You’ve Always Wanted

  • Spending More Time With Your Family and Loved Ones

  • Or Achieving Your Fitness Goals


But as you know, goals as big as yours involve trial and error, some frustration, and sometimes roadblocks. You might even feel that things would be a lot easier if you simply settled for less, but you don’t, and that’s a big deal.


Studies by the University of Scranton show that 92 percent of people give up on a new goal; leaving just 8 percent in success stories! Have you ever wondered why people seem to give up so easily on amazing goals? Have you ever done that? If so, you’re not alone… There’s a not so secret roadblock that can make reaching your goals more difficult than it needs to be - poor life balance.

The good news? There’s a proven blueprint to improving your life balance, crushing your goals, and spending more time with the people you love. Life Balance is not just a book, but a step by step process to reaching your most intimidating goals. And I’m excited to share it with you today and get YOU into that 8 percent of success stories. You can turn your life balance into your superpower. 


  • The 4 Areas Of Life and how strategic planning in each of them leads to success and clarity.

  • How to map your journey from start to finish and remove the stress of daily planning. 

  • Embracing habit formation psychology to achieve long-term success with your goals. 

  • How to Narrow Your Focus and maximize momentum toward your goals.

  • The Mental Health Key to Long Term Success and how staying healthy keeps you ahead of the competition. 

  • The Myth Of Time Management…and the secrets to getting MORE done in LESS time.

  • Your personal synergetic life-balance and how to use it to improve your quality of life.


Entrepreneur and Life-Balance coach, Paul W. Croswell, has spent almost a decade learning to tap into the power of Life-Balance and now teaches others how to use it to reach their goals. In this book, Paul coaches you through understanding and applying the power of Life-Balance to setting, pursuing, and achieving your most intimidating goals and maintaining success even after reaching your goals!


Learn why Life-Balance is an untapped superpower for young adults with intimidating life goals, demanding schedules, and mental blocks, in this inspirational and practical book on reaching your goals.

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