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Helping to end human trafficking

Human trafficking is a bigger problem in our world today than it has been in all of human history. In an effort to contribute to the end of this horrific reality I donate 50% of the royalty from each sale of all my products (books, workbooks, planners, etc.) to Destiny Rescue

Destiny Rescue specializes in rescuing children from sex trafficking and exploitation on a global scale. They report that children can be harder to detect and rescue from human trafficking organizations and, subsequently, are at a higher risk. 

Thanks in advance for helping me to lend a hand in making our world a little bit better for tomorrow's generation. 


Coffee Break

Start With Better Mental Health

It’s not an understatement to say that your mental health is foundational to being happy and healthy in every other area of life. This is why when we find that our mental health is compromised, we should act quickly.