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My name is Paul, and believe it or not, I wasn't always a life balance coach. Crazy right?


At one time, I was just a dreamer who thought that having a dream and the will to chase it was all I needed to change my life. Now, while I reached many of my dreams, my journey wasn't without hurdles. I made some mental health damaging, marriage-shattering, and financially crippling blunders. I'm a former rapper and paster, an entrepreneur and bestselling author, a sickle cell anemia survivor, and a husband (I still can't believe she stayed with me either!). I guess you can say I did a lot of proverbial knee-scraping on my way to all of that, and it was almost all avoidable. 


It wasn't until I became intentional about finding mentors and coaches to help me navigate the paths to my many dreams that I started to actually enjoy the journey. Not to mention learning to avoid some severe pitfalls and setbacks.   


Now, my desire is to do for others what they did for me; they helped me experience life to its full without repeating the mistakes they made to get there. Now I help busy professionals improve their life balance and build momentum toward their most intimidating goals so that they experience life to its fullest. 

I am a life coach with certification in mental health, life balance, mindset, and leadership coaching. I have a combined experience of more than eight years of counseling, mentoring, and coaching. All this, combined with my professional experience, uniquely equips me to offer one of the most rounded coaching programs available. One that helps people succeed at work, thrive at home, and flourish in their emotional and mental health.

In my coaching, I use the cognitive behavioral, solutions-focused method. This specialized method helps you reshape your unhealthy thinking patterns and develop new ones as you quickly move toward your goals.


Based in South Carolina, I also host The Pocket Potential Podcast and a personal development blog. Want to connect with me? Let's be friends on Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter. For collaborations and business inquiries, contact info@paulwcroswell.com

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