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Rediscover Your Power

Do you feel like you're always going but never seem to get anywhere? I felt that way too, and it left me frustrated and discouraged. Feeling farther away from the life I wanted and the life I knew was possible. That's why I made VIDA map! This Life-Balance Manager will help you to overcome busyness and start making real progress towards your life goals.


Use the VIDA map simple focus guide to narrow your focus and refine your goals.

THE master plan

Complete your weekly master plan to tackle each day with clarity and drive.


VIDA map is designed for both individual and group use. Use it as a couple or in a small group.

minimalist DESIGN

Our minimalist design ensures that every part of the map beautiful and easy to use.

Learn To Dream Again

Get to the places in life that you’ve always wanted to go, on the inside and out.

Maintain Balance

No more waiting until you crash to realize something needs to change. Our unique balance integrated outline allows you see your work-life balance at glance with every use. If something is off, you’ll know immediately.

Maximize Clarity

VIDA map’s easy to use system helps you to clearly see which tasks will move you towards your goals and which ones will not. It keeps your long-term goals central to your daily life. 

Build Momentum

With a minimalist layout, we’ve removed every unnecessary compartment that fails to keep you focused on what matters most. Leaving only the most potential-maximizing elements. Life chaotic, your planner doesn't need to be.

Image by Devin Avery

Prioritize the people and things that matter most to you.