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To Live By

Book One

The most encouraging book of 2022! bestselling author, Paul W. Croswell, emerges with his most encouraging, surprising, and creative book to date. This special release was inspired by a season of personal difficulty and all the ideas and thoughts that helped him to remain positive and encouraged through it.


This compilation of original quotes encourages you to focus on being:

  • fully present in your life and relationships

  • thoughtful about your heart and self-care 

  • intentional with your time and emotional energy

  • fully liberated from hatred and negativity. 


Each quote is accompanied by a brief elaboration, further driving home the insight of the day. To Live By: Book One is more concentrated than other quote books, empowering you to focus on what is most important, quickly find the quotes that inspire you most and produce lasting positive changes in your life.

Croswell journeys broadly through his topics, discussing courage, self-care, love, kindness, friendship, and growth. He distills earned wisdom and experience into practical, and digestible teaching insights. 


To Live By will help you to:

  • Cultivate happier relationships

  • Develop personal courage and self-esteem

  • Take your self-care to the next level

  • Challenge and expand your potential 

  • Help friends and family to improve their lives

  • Set healthier personal boundaries 

  • Experience more personal freedom


Order your copy today!

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