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At The Intersection of Spiritual Growth and Personal Development

As a Christian professional you’re often at the crossroads of needing to develop yourself personally or professionally without undermining your spiritual growth. We often separate the two and even feel judged if we try to do both. What if your growth as a believer and as a professional had a crossover?

While not interchangeable, (spiritual being vital and professional being important), there’s plenty to find at the intersection of these two practices. Here are a few things that I found:

  1. Routine Routine is a regular part of growth, whether is spiritually or professionally. In scripture, we see that Jesus has a routine of leaving early in the morning to have alone time with God. In the same way, with personal development, a routine develops the disciplines that lead to growth.

  2. Structure Just as with personal development, spiritual disciplines reflect a sense of structure or priority. There are primary disciplines, such as the study of scripture, prayer, and worship, and secondary ones such as celebration and simplicity. A sense of priority establishes what’s the foundation and could be built on for further growth.

  3. Balance While it may not have been overt, it’s certainly clear that Jesus maintained a sense of balance or connectedness between all of life. His relationship with the Father was foundational, but throughout his ministry, Jesus addressed things such as finances, friendships, family relationships, and even career. Personal development stresses a sense of balance for achieving lasting success as you grow.

  4. Restoration The restoration that comes from spiritual disciplines are clear, but personal development catches most people off guard. The reality is that as you grow in developing healthy routines and structures (priorities), as well as regain a sense of balance in life that the natural result is a restoration of health in your body, mind, relationships, and even finances. There’s nothing hidden or secret about the fact that God cares about every aspect of your life.

  5. Peace As you grow spiritually and in your personal development journey you’ll find a sense of peace naturally comes with it. Now, these are different kinds of peace, but peace nonetheless. Spiritual peace is an irrevocable one, untouchable by circumstances in life. While peace from personal development is a sense of clarity and health that’s experienced internally and circumstantially from having to worry less.

  6. Growth This may go without saying but it’s worth pointing out. Consistent application of either spiritual disciplines or personal development principles will result in growth. You will grow as a person in your understanding of self, and you’ll also grow as a leader, husband/wife, father/mother, boss, etc.

QUESTION: How do you balance the need to develop yourself personally or professionally, which not undermining your spiritual growth in the process?

For some, this is no problem at all and not even a thought. While for others it can feel like being forced to choose between breathing and seeing. It’s an easy decision but still a big sacrifice.

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