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5 Practical Ways To Boost Your Mental Health Quickly

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

It’s not an understatement to say that your mental health is foundational to being happy and healthy in every other area of life. This is why when we find that our mental health is compromised in any way, we should act quickly. After all, the rest of your life may depend on it.


About two years ago I began to suffer from severe memory loss due to excessive stress. My schedule was always full, my brain was always on, and I couldn’t sleep to save my life. I was seriously worried but didn’t know what to do.

I began to search for a solution anywhere I could find one. I looked into natural remedies like superfoods, and other methods like nootropics (which I had no idea even existed). Due to existing health conditions, I decided to check with my doctor before making a decision.

To my surprise, he didn’t recommend some new drug or a different diet. He shared some practical advice on simple quick changes that I could make. Simple changes that showed quick results and have a lasting impact (from my personal experience).

Here are 5 practical ways to boost your mental health quickly:

  1. 1 Limit Interaction with Toxic People Consistent interaction with people who have a negative disposition towards life (toxic people) is probably the easiest way to bring yourself down. If there are certain friends or coworkers who leave you drained every time you’re done hanging out with them, it may be time for a change. Being picky with your friends is not selfish, it’s wisdom. 1. List the three most draining people you interact with regularly. 2. List the three most positive people you interact with regularly. 3. Find ways to increase interaction with the positive people and limit interaction with the toxic ones.

  2. 2 Reduce Social Media Use You’ve probably heard this a million times already but I’m okay with being a million and one. Multiple studies have revealed that excessive social media usage is a leading cause of anxiety and depression. You’re doing yourself a favor by stepping back from it everyone now and then. 1. Identify the social media platforms that steal the most of your time and attention. 2. Relocate them to the last page on your phone. 3. Bonus step - Remove them from your phone completely and only check them online if they allow that option.

  3. 3 Replace Notifications With Reminders I learned early on that a constant barrage of notifications on my phone, tablet, or laptop was not only distracting by draining. They poke holes in your concentration and use up valuable energy. Instead, set reminders for when you want to check things like news articles, social media, and emails (unless your job requires that you always check them). 1. Identify the Apps that you get the most notifications from. 2. Note which ones are necessary (messages) and which ones may not be (social media/email). 3. For the Apps that require your attention, like emails, remove turn notifications off, and set reminders for the specific times you want to check them.

  4. 4 Go For A Walk Daily Physical exercise is, and always has been, the greatest brain booster. The benefits of exercise on things like focus, memory, and your overall mood is endless. What’s great about this is that you don’t need a superfood, vitamin, or a gym membership in order to get the exact same benefits on the brain. 1. Schedule it in your calendar. 2. Find a walking buddy if you can. 3. Get up... And GO! 4. Repeat tomorrow.

  5. 5 Start Journaling Daily I was introduced to a practice called “Morning Pages” in college. It’s basically a way of doing a brain dump first thing in the morning so that your mind is free and clear to take on the day and its new challenges. If you’ve tried journaling before and it didn’t work, try this instead. 1. Get a writing journal. (Getting a cool looking one motivates me.) 2. Start small if you’re not a big write. Aim for at least three sentences per entry. 3. Journal either as soon as you wake up or right before going to sleep.

QUESTION: What habits currently help you maintain good mental health?

Maybe you’re already being very intentional about keeping yourself in good mental health. What tip or advice would you share that wasn’t mentioned above? Leave a comment or send me an email with your mental health tip.

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