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 This Life-Balance Manager will help you to overcome busyness and start making real progress towards your life goals.


  • Maintain Balance - No more waiting until you crash to realize something needs to change. Our unique balance integrated outline allows you to see your work-life balance at glance with every use. If something is off, you’ll know immediately.
  • Maximize Clarity - VIDA map’s easy to use system helps you to clearly see which tasks will move you towards your goals and which ones will not. It keeps your long-term goals central to your daily life.
  • Build Momentum - With a minimalist layout, we’ve removed every unnecessary compartment that fails to keep you focused on what matters most. Leaving only the most potential-maximizing elements. Life chaotic, your planner doesn't need to be.


Take a look inside!


Inner Pages:

  • Focus Guide
  • Long-Term Goals Guide
  • Annual and Monthly Guide
  • Month in View
  • Morning and Evening Routine Guide
  • Weekly Pages (P3's)
  • Monthly Project's List

Weekly Layouts:

  • Mini-Habits Tracker
  • The P3's (Weekly Pages)
  • Weekly Review
  • Balance Checklist
  • Note Pages

Weekly Pages (P3's):

  • Start each day with a gratefulness exercise
  • Identify your top three priorities for the day (P3's)
  • Identify your Priority People for the day
  • Note your other To-Do's
  • Complete your daily review


Bonus blank and journaling space: For the many who get inspired by a blank page or just want to journal or doodle as they go throughout the day. 


The Life Balance Journal is designed for finding and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. So if you're trying to move towards a healthier work-life balance, The Life Balance Journal is for you! 


VIDA map is perfect for the busy or overwhelmed:  

  • Mom or Dad
  • Student 
  • Pastor
  • Small Business Owner
  • Blogger
  • Creative


We all know how it feels to have a brain-itch; that feeling you get when you can't seem to remember what you have to do. The Life Balance Journal includes goal setting, a calendar, to-do list AND a journal. It's one place for all your important information. 

The Life Balance Planner

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Life Balance Planner
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