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Simple Steps To Silencing Your Inner Critic

Our inner critics are often allies who have a difficult time saying what they mean. Generally intending to be helpful but rarely actually reaching that goal. Sometimes we need to simply hit the off switch on the inner critic so we can get stuff done.

From Rambo To a Puppy

For as long as I can remember I’ve always been an artist. I spent more time painting, drawing, writing, and sculpting than I did in any athletic activity. As a result of this, I became intimately acquainted with my inner critic early in life.

I’d love to tell you that I’ve mastered the art of completely doing away with the inner critic but I don’t even think that’s possible. Instead, I’ve learned the art of pushing through it and creating consistently despite its existence. The truth is, you can transform your inner critic from a Rambo to a puppy with a few simple steps.

There’s plenty of great content already written on the subject of the inner critic. If you’d like a deep dive into the psychology of it, I recommend checking out this article from

However, if you interested in taking action today, here are 4 steps to silencing your inner critic:

  1. STEP ONE: Plan Ahead This is the first and easiest step that you can take towards silencing your inner critic. When you plan ahead you give your mind time to adjust to what you expect of it. You’ll be more relaxed as you approach your work because you feel more prepared for the task.

  2. STEP TWO: Create The Space While we can force ourselves to produce almost anywhere on the planet, especially if you have a pair of headphones on. When you create an ideal environment for your work style, you exponentially boost your mental sharpness and productivity. This significantly, reducing the chances of a loud and distracting inner critic.

  3. STEP THREE: Speak Safety There are times when, if you listen carefully, you can tell that your inner critic is simply trying to protect you. It tries to protect you from things like failure and embarrassment by convincing you not to try. You can combat this by simply reassuring yourself that you’re not in danger and the reward of doing the work is greater than the risk of failure.

  4. STEP FOUR: Take Action Taking Action is the most significant step in silencing your inner critic. You prove to your inner critic that taking the risk is not so bad after all when you’ve taken the risk and it realizes that you’re alright. The action doesn’t need to be big, it can be a small step in the right direction.

QUESTION: When is your inner critic the loudest?

The inner critic speaks almost all the time, but it’s loudest at different times each person. For some, it’s loudest while working, while for others it’s loudest either before they sit down or when they’re reviewing. When does your inner critic get the loudest?

Send me an email or leave a comment below and let me know when your inner critic get’s the loudest for you. You can also subscribe to my newsletter for bonus tips and resources on self-leadership and work-life balance or follow my podcast - The Pocket Potential.

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