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3 Principles For Walking With God

No matter what season of life you find yourself in, there are a few boundaries that should remain consistent in your relationship with God. Maintaining them could be the difference between thriving or circling the proverbial desert. There are three principles in particular that should go with you into every new season.


As a pastor I had the privilege of seeing many different people journey with God. Celebrating with those who were embracing healthy and flourishing seasons, and mourning with those who were navigating difficult ones. There’s no doubt in my mind that life happens in seasons.

There are often some changes necessary to fully embrace a new season. For example, a young single guy who gets married experiences a clear change in the season of his life. If he were to maintain the same social behavior he had while single, as a married man, it could devastate his marriage.

However, when it comes to our relationship with God, this principle changes. There are a few key behaviors and perspective that’s important for us to hold onto in every season of life with God. These principles are demonstrated in scripture and are extremely helpful for spiritual growth.


Our walk with God is a relationship. The principles I mention below are key to any intimate relationship, including with God. Here are the three principles to never let go of with God!

  1. Priority - God desires to be our priority in every season of life. No matter what we’re facing, good, bad, or ugly, we have a call to put God first. His promise to us in being faithful to this is that He will provide all that we need. Keep in mind that even in the season when our physical needs are met, there are spiritual needs that need to be sustained.

  2. Fidelity - Scripture shows us over and over again that God takes it personal when we cheat on him - in other words, when we rely on other things more than him. Nothing and no one else deserve to hold the place in our heart that only God should ever occupy. When we begin to rely on our jobs, our hobby, our money, or relationships, more than we rely on God, we make them an idol and push God off the throne of our hearts.

  3. Faith - In every season God wants us to trust Him big. Yes this would seem self-explanatory but I guarantee you it’s a challenge for many. To hold on to faith in God when it seems like life, health, family, finances, etc. are falling apart, is something that deserves our intentionality.

QUESTION: What helps you to hold on to faith in God when things get tough?

Maintaining faith is a difficult thing to a lot of people, especially in the midst of tragedy. Yet I’ve seen many people manage to not just keep their faith but express genuine joy in difficult times that would have crushed others. Do you remember a time when you managed to hold tightly to your faith during a difficult time?

Send me an email or leave a comment below to tell me your story. I can’t wait to hear and learn from you. Your story may be what gets someone else through a hard time.

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