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Podcast Guest Info

Thanks for your interest in being a guest on the show. Here's some helpful information to help you best prepare for your interview and book your episode. Looking forward to speaking with you!

The Paul Croswell Audio Experience

The Paul Croswell Audio Experience was previously known as The Pocket Potential Podcast. 

Since the launch of the show in April 2020, I have grown significantly in my content and interests. In keeping with this growth, I've since reshaped the direction and format of the show. 


  • This is a Long-Form Podcast. Our interview will likely last at least 1 hour but not exceed 2 hours. This change is to help our audience truly get to know our guests as much as it is to help you, my guest, to feel relaxed and unhurried in our conversation. 

  • This is an Audio & Video Podcast. For your interview, please be in a well-lit and audio-friendly environment where our guests can see and hear you clearly. I recommend using headphones.

  • This is an Unscripted Podcast. As your host, I will prepare a list of leading questions to keep our conversation flowing but I remain open to new ideas and topics shaping our interview as we talk. 

  • A signed Podcast Guest Release Form is required to be a guest. You can sign and submit the form under Booking by selecting the Book Now button, which begins your booking process.  


The booking link is revealed upon the submission of the Podcast Guest Release Form.

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