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Add 6 weeks of 1-to-1 mindset coaching with Paul in addition to your online class and all its benefits & build unstoppable momentum toward your goals.

$4,999 Value when
purchased separately.

Mindset Coaching
+ Online Learning

The Ultimate Life Transforming Combination!

  • Get 1-to1 personalized mindset coaching as you navigate the course.

  • Have a luxury online learning experience for a fraction of the cost of a major university.

  • Build unstoppable momentum toward one of your most intimidating goals.

  • Using an advanced personality assessment, learn to understand yourself and your internal hurdles better and learn how to overcome them.


  • Experience the kind of transformation and personal progress your family and friend will notice immediately.

  • Develop an internal motivation that empowers you to overcome laziness and fear.

  • Become less angry with yourself as you learn to understand your psychological wiring better and learn to work with it in pursuing your goals.

  • Discover financial freedom, physical fitness, spiritual growth, and relational happiness on your own terms and at your own pace!

  • Learn how to incorporate habit-building psychology into your goal-reaching process and become a goal-reaching machine!

  • No additional purchase is necessary, all course material is included. This includes your course workbook and my bestselling book that the course is based on.

  • Learn how I became an #1 bestselling author using the exact same principles I teach in this course!

$4,999 Value when
purchased separately.
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What our Students Say

“Honestly, I was surprised at how much information was given in this class. What it cost, I expected about half of what I got. It was especially nice to have the workbook pages for each class available to download with each class. No digging around for it.” - Nessa J.
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Enhance Your Journey

The Ultimate Life Transforming Combination!

In addition to course access:

  • Weekly 60 min weekly coaching call with coach Paul

    • This call can be used to cover any personal, family, social, or career related goals you would like coaching for.

  • Life Clarity Questionnaire

  • Advanced Personality Profile Assessment

  • Personalized Goal Action Plan


  • This course is self-paced so you can pause and return at your convenience.

  • Course structure:

    • 3 Modules

    • A module overview with instructions for each module

    • 4 classes per module​

  • Course materials:

    • eBook copy of Life Balance: The Life Balance Approach To Reaching Your Goals and Changing Your Life

    • Digital copy of The Life Balance Workbook

  • Features:

    • An easy-to-use course interface view and track your progress

    • A private student group to share your journey and ask questions​​​

$4,999 Value when
purchased separately.

About Your Instructor

Paul W. Croswell, Founder, Mindset Coach, Author

Paul W. Croswell is a renowned mindset coach and founder of Croswell Coach, an international coaching agency that specializes in helping individuals achieve their goals and find balance in life. With over 8 years of experience and training in coaching, counseling, and mentorship, Paul has worked with clients around the world and helped them overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

Paul's expertise lies in the 12-step Life Balance approach, which he has developed over the years through his own personal experiences and working with his clients. This approach focuses on identifying and overcoming limiting beliefs and behaviors, cultivating a growth mindset, restoring life balance, and establishing positive habits that lead to success and balance.

But don't just take Paul's word for it. He has received numerous accolades and testimonials from satisfied clients who have seen significant improvements in their lives after working with him.


One client stated, "Paul helped me gain clarity on my goals and develop a plan to achieve them. His guidance and support were invaluable, and I am now living the life I've always wanted."

Paul's success as a coach and author of the #1 bestseller, "Life Balance: The Life Balance Approach to Reaching Your Goals and Changing Your Life," is a testament to his qualifications and the effectiveness of his approach.

If you're ready to take the first step towards reaching any goal you set and achieving balance in your life, then sign up for Paul's online course. With his expertise and proven track record, you can trust that you'll be getting the best guidance and support to achieve your goals.

$4,999 Value when
purchased separately.
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