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The Life Balance Approach



The first focus of your coaching journey will be helping you to gain maximum clarity on your goals, the potential hurdle to reaching them, and the master plan for overcoming your hurdles. Pursuing your goals without clarity is like running a race with a blindfold, you may be moving but you will not make meaningful progress. In some cases, your actions without clarity may set you back further than where you started. My coaching program and tools will assist you in clearing the clutter, refining your goals, and identifying the best path to reaching them. 



The second focus of your coaching journey will be helping you to discover your personal life balance and develop a plan for managing it. Contrary to popular belief, most people do not quit on their goals because of indiscipline or laziness, they quit because of poor life balance. While you might be determined to reach your goals, if the other areas of your life remain overwhelming and demanding, you will not have the focus, energy, or emotional stamina to push through when you need to. 



The third focus of your coaching journey will be helping you to build unstoppable momentum toward your goals. Using the master plan developed in your clarity sessions, you will have the tools and weekly coaching call providing support and accountability for reaching your goals. My goal is helping you to take small steps in the right direction consistently, so you can make it a lifetime habit. 

Paul Croswell

Paul Croswell

Board Certified Mental Health and Life Balance Coach

Maya Lombarts

Maya Lombarts

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

Justin Barrow

Justin Barrow

Certified Fitness & Nutrition Coach


Columbia, South Carolina

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